Why do Elite Athletes need a Sports Psychologist?

Breaking it down – Sports Psychology

With Dr. Jason Scott Hamilton, Sports Psychologist

December 14, 2016

Miami, FL – What should matter to most athletes today is their ability to maximize their mental game. The sports competition is not only played on the field/court, it is really a mind game.

One of the greatest golfers in the world, Jack Nicklaus the Golden Bear has said: “what is above the golfer’s shoulders is more important than what is below it.” We are seeing that more than ever today. It should also be understood that it takes a great deal of physical skill to have any hope of high achievement in any sport. Yet, the higher the level of skill and competition an athlete reaches, the more they themselves identify mental factors as having a positive and or negative bearing on their performance.

The very best athletes (elite athletes) have the very best instincts – their natural unlearned senses are sharp and functional; so are their minds. They are complete and exceptional athletes. Performance-related Doctors and Sports Psychologist along with a variety of other sports experts agree that an athlete’s instincts can be sharpened, suggesting, therefore that Elite athletes or athletes, in general, can learn to develop better instincts.

The aim of Elite Sports Psychology is to help an athlete find the limit of their physical and mental potential and having found it to perform to it consistently. In other words, we will help the players to achieve their best game they have ever played and try to play to that level consistently.

Mind games can have a mostly positive impact, as an athlete can be determined a winner, but if channeled incorrectly can cause the athlete to lose focus and perform inconsistently.

The science of Sports Psychology is really about managing the Limbic system “which controls basic emotions, (fear, pleasure, anger) and drives (hunger, sex, dominance, care of offspring, among a few other things). The pre-frontal cortex and the frontal lobe which controls executive functioning are of paramount importance for an elite athlete or any athlete, to maintain their best game at the highest level consistently. Ask any Elite level manager, coach or agent what distinguishes the best athlete from the rest. They will usually point to their heads.

The agents, coaches, and managers believe that anyone good enough to make it to the highest level of their sport must possess impressive physical tools. What Elite Sports Psychologists know is that it is the athlete’s mental toolbox that holds the difference between an ordinary athlete and a great athlete.

Dr. Jason Scott Hamilton President and CEO
Elite Sports Psychology, LLC




Time is the one thing we cannot control.  No one can determine how much time we have whether it is the time on our job, the time we have with our family and ultimately the time we have left on this earth.  What we can control, however is what we do with the time we have.  As Anthony Robbins has said, “I make sure that time serves me, and I don’t serve time”.   We all set our own standards. For some, once they reach their goal, they are finished.  For the people who have the greatest success, their goals are infinite.  As an Elite athlete, there are many obstacles to overcome; age, injury and the new incoming athletes waiting to take your place.  What you do with the time you have will determine your legacy.  Make it count with every performance.  It could be your last chance.

Elite Team Tour in Florida

published by ikhan on Mon, 10/21/2013 – 14:09

WICB Media Release.

ORLANDO, Florida – Members of the West Indies cricket team assembled in Florida on Monday for a one-week Elite Team Tour.

The group of players and team management have been joined by WICB President Dave Cameron as they prepare for the upcoming tours of India and New Zealand.

During the week the team will be involved in several team building exercises – indoors and outdoors – as well as interaction with Dr Jason Scott Hamilton, the Jamaican Elite Sports Psychologist, who has worked with the team for the last six months.

In welcoming the group, Mr Cameron outlined the WICB’s vision.

“When we play we represent all the people of the region and all the people around the world who support West Indies cricket.  We are looking for a partnership that says ‘West Indian people and what we do is vitally important’ and we represent them with pride and passion. This is part of the vision we have to reposition West Indies Cricket as a global brand,” Mr Cameron said.

“We want to create a culture of unity, winning and overall success. We are not saying you’re not going to lose games – every sports team will lose games – but it is how we lose. We should always go down to the end in every game. We are for partnerships which will see the brand West Indies Cricket continue to grow. We want to see our players develop on and off the field and see our cricket reach the top again.”

Speaking after the first session on Monday, fast bowler Tino Best said he was happy to be involved.

“As a team we are working towards bigger and better things so I’m really happy to be here at the camp for this week. We have the motto ‘One Team One Goal’ and as players we can always get more information and form a closer bond. We have two tough tours of India and New Zealand coming up, so this will form the beginning of what we believe is something special.”

WICB Media Release.